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Southern Fried Headlines

Weekly Podcast featuring Headlines that are deep-fried and covered in gravy with a side of biscuits.

Sep 13, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of the Southern Fried Headlines Podcast, today we tell you about the true history of the english language, why Monopoly is getting harder for men and why Sasquatch isn't to blame for bridge repair delays.

Mom arrested after letting children ride in an inflatable pool on top of a vehicle

Breakfast & Break-In: Burglar Is Caught Cooking Morning Meal In Man’s Home, Tells Resident To “Go Back To Sleep”

English is actually Chinese, scholars claim

Cheetos Puts Its Orange-Dusted Fingerprints All Over Fashion And Beauty World With 'House Of Flamin' Haute'

Coffee madness descends on Halifax in Dorian's wake

Bank accidentally deposits $120,000 in couple’s account; they spend most of it, then get charged with theft

Women get more money in new feminist Monopoly

Adopted penguin chick at Sea Life London to be raised as gender-neutral

Officials: Bigfoot Not to Blame for Bradford Bridge Project Delay