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Southern Fried Headlines

Weekly Podcast featuring Headlines that are deep-fried and covered in gravy with a side of biscuits.

May 13, 2020

Southern Fried Headlines

19: Wine Heist


On this episode of the Southern Fried Headlines Podcast, a man steals his mom's car on Mother's day, someone wins a golf tournament with just a putter and they want to use urine to make concrete on the moon.




Kansas man who sought trial by combat now wants ex-wife evaluated

Florida protestors do squats, pushups outside courthouse in call to reopen gyms

Mother's Day Police Chase Starts when Man Steals his Mom's Car

Using only a putter, man wins Arizona amateur event

Space agency: Human urine could help make concrete on moon

Missouri Lawmakers Defeat Amendment To Require They Consume Marijuana Before Voting

Man Climbs Under Moving Big Rig Filled With Wine, Begins Drinking From Tank