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Southern Fried Headlines

Weekly Podcast featuring Headlines that are deep-fried and covered in gravy with a side of biscuits.

Oct 25, 2019

10/25/19: This week on the Southern Fried Headlines Podcast, a building gets cut in half, you'll soon be able to tickle your phone and SNAKES IN A…..library?



Officials split building in two to solve property dispute


Oct 18, 2019

10/18/19: This week on the Southern Fried Headlines Podcast, a bear play the piano (badly), inmates get caught going on a beer run, and a dead man pranks his mourners.


Bear breaks into Colorado house, plays the piano but...

Oct 11, 2019

Southern Fried Headlines 

4: KISS Goes Down Under


10/11/19: This week's Southern Fried Headlines: A man robs a bank to pay for his wedding, 244 people lose their driver's licenses in Germany and squirrels hide over 200 walnuts under the hood of a car.

Oct 4, 2019

Southern Fried Headlines 

3: Nudist Firefighters


10/04/19: This week on Southern Fried Headlines, A 9 year old accidentally wins a 10k, we have a new Pumpkin Pie eating champion and nudists in Tennessee put out a fire.



Man drank 7 beers before turning...